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The show that Mattias presents is composed of two acts, one with diabolos and one with small balls and footballs. The show is 20 - 30 minutes long but can be modified for your needs ans wishes.

These acts can be adjusted to suit any event from a birthday party to a theatre stage. His show is packed with humour, spontaneity and Mattias delivers his advanced tricks without taking himself too seriously. All this is packaged with mind blowing tempo and a close contact with the audience.


Mattias diabolo act is comprised of speed and humour combined with difficult tricks and precision. He was the second person in Europe to perform four diabolos on stage.


Mattias ball act includes classic and highly original juggling with balls,
footballs, rings and balancing.

By request there is even an act with:

Bounching Balls

Mattias also offers a bouncing ball act for those looking for something beyond the ordinary. In this act Mattias uses the geometry of a triangle to bounce the balls in fantastic and unexpected patterns. To be explained this has to be seen.

To see examples of the skills of Mattias check out the video section.


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