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Mattias started his eventful life in the small town of Ljungkile in the heart of Bohuslän in the mid 70's. There he grew up in a picturesque setting with west coast cliffs and salt water bathing as his closest neighbour.

His first passion in life was the skateboard, with a need for speed, height and a good measure of danger, just like the heroes of the day like Tony Hawk (whom he, 20 years later, met in San Diego). He also started to play golf at an early age, already fascinated with getting balls to go where he wanted. It wasn't until the summer of 1995 that he discovered the joys of juggling.

That summer he was at Roskilde music festival where he met other juggling festival goers. Straight away he knew that this was something for him.Now balls were purchased and clubs were built in the hobby room. He was determined to learn the skills of juggling.

In the vicinity of Ljungkile lives a legendary artist of Swedish circus and varieté, Reino. Mattias contacted Reino and got to know him. Reino went with Mattias to his first juggling performance. That was at the GT festival in Svanesund, 20km south of his home town. Mattias describes the day as feeling nervous, natural and fantastically fun. Nervous because for the first time he was going to juggle in front of an audience. Natural, the
feeling of being in exactly the right place and fun because the audience appreciated and enjoyed his performance. It was on that day that Mattias decided he would become a professional juggler.


His main source of inspiration and knowledge have come from two jugglers.Donald Grant, who in a great diabolo artist. Mattias had the good fortune of spending a wonderful summer evening together with Donald where he was shown a world of new tricks to go home and practice on.

The other source of inspiration is Raphael de Carlos, a temperamental football juggler from Cuba. Raphael and Mattias lived worked and trained together for one month at the Liseberg theme park.That's when Mattias got the inspiration to juggle footballs.

Another hero for Mattias is Francis Brunn (1923-2004).It is from Brunn that Mattias has borrowed some of his style, tricks and stage presence.

From his humble career beginnings in Svanesund Mattias has expanded his juggling tour.. His work has been diverse, including theatres, varieties, circuses, festivals, weddings, office parties to name a few.

He has travelled through Europe with stop overs at the Christmas circus in Zurich, varieté show in Berlin, circus tour in England to a park tour in Sweden with shows at Gröna Lund and Skansen, five seasons at Liseberg and in almost every Swedish small town. So maybe it's time for him to grace your town if he has not already done so.

Mattias is not only a world class juggler but also a qualified instructor and has taught at Östersunds, Tromsös and Cirkus Cirkörs circus schools.
Mattias is a highly educated cook with a taste for great dinners. He has taken advantage of this mix on many occasions. Why not combine a great meal with a world class varieté show?


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